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Yesu Persaud

Yesu Persaud, one of the most influential people in the Caribbean rum industry over the past 60 years,

In 1975, he became the executive chairman of Diamond Liquors Limited

Over the next four decades, he led the Guyanese rum industry through many twists and turns, including:

As the chairman of Demerara Distillers, he oversaw its expansion into wide international distribution with its El

Persaud also served as the chairman of the West Indies Rum and Spirits Producers’ Association (WIRSPA) from 1990

Persaud played a pivotal role in obtaining funding for the Caribbean Rum Sector Programme

This program allowed many CARIFORUM rum producers to substantially upgrade their facilities and transition from low-margin bulk

Velier’s independent bottlings of vintage rums from Demerara Distillers resulted from a friendship and partnership with