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Why Tequila Prices Keep Climbing

High agave prices aren’t the only factor driving up the costs of making tequila

This has had a knock-on effect, and many tequila producers have had to source new suppliers due

These factors led to a reported 40% decrease in glass production this year

The cost of glass bottles has increased due to severe weather and COVID-19

“Cardboard prices have doubled and we cannot find wooden pallets to ship our tequila

The cardboard shortage is being pinned at least in part on the abundance of online orders that

As for pallets, lumber prices have increased in many countries as demand for new housing and remodels

Another unwelcome surprise for producers: the rising cost of copper, which is essential for making artisanal pot

He, like many other tequila producers, saw a surge in sales last year as consumers shifted from

With increased copper prices, expanding capacity can be expensive

This 5,000 liter pot still at the El Pandillo distillery has more than doubled in price in the

Faced with these across-the-board cost pressures it’s not surprising that some producers have raised their prices

Meanwhile, other brands like El Tequileño and Tapatio, have maintained their pre-pandemic prices, hoping life will

“Our number one cost is still agave,” says Guillermo Erickson Sauza, owner of Tequila Fortaleza

“Ten years ago it cost us about US$1,875 to fill our small (15 ton) oven

While one might think that agave prices would come down during the pandemic, when retail outlets were

Loading this oven with agave at the Tequila Fortaleza distillery is still the single most expensive part

However, agaves aged 5 and 6 years are all that most distilleries have access to right now

Those last few years are when the plant produces the most sugar

During a recent visit to El Pandillo, we saw Camarena inspecting cooked agave that recently came out