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White Rum Vs Dark Rum: What’s The Difference?

But you might wonder what are the differences between these two types of rum and which one

The main difference between white rum and dark rum is the color but as soon as you

Let’s take a deeper look into all the important differences between white rum and dark rum!

The difference in taste between these two types of rum is quite obvious when you taste them

White rum also has a softer flavor that is milder than the flavor of dark rum

This is due to the fact that dark rum is left to age for several months and

Also, dark rum has other spices and ingredients that empower its taste while white rum is plainly

You will notice that dark rum can also have a flavor or burned sugar and even a

The milder taste of white rum or light rum is also a consequence of the charcoal filtration

Also, different types of white rum can have a mild vanilla taste or tannin taste to them

The main and most visible difference between white rum and dark rum is the color

White rum comes in a clear shade, and can easily be confused with vodka in that respect

The taste is another major difference between the two types of rum

There are versions of dark rum and light rum with similar tastes even if they might come

The way these types of rum are used is also different due to the fact that they

White rum tends to be more popular as an ingredient in various cocktails such as Pina Colada

Also, unlike white rum, dark rum can be frequently used in cooked recipes such as desserts

White rum is aged much less compared to dark rum, if it is even aged at all

As a general rule, the longer the rum is aged, the darker its color will be

So, since both white rum and dark rum are still rum, can you use them interchangeably? Not

You will not be able to make this switch all the time due to the different taste

Plus, it is important to consider that the range of dark rum is very wide

And when it comes to spiced rum, it can be even more difficult to substitute it with

When you compare white or light rum with spiced rum you will notice the same differences as

Spiced rum tends to have an even more intense flavor than regular dark rum

Also, spiced rum is aged significantly more than light rum and that will define its fragrance as

In matter of taste, dark rum is definitely the stronger type of rum that will make a

Dark rum also tends to have more alcohol compared to white rum which is made from distilled

There are type4s of dark rum that could come with an alcohol content as high as 80%

White rum tends to have a sweeter flavor compared to dark rum due to the high concentration

However, if you compare light rum with spiced rum that was enriched with caramel flavor, the difference

White rum can also come with a vanilla flavor which increases its sweetness compared to regular dark

Captain Morgan is one of the most popular brands of rum on the market

This brand of rum is a white rum that can be unaged or just lightly aged

There are several varieties of Captain Morgan and all of them are light rum versions

An interesting fact about Captain Morgan rum is that it comes in various flavors such as cinnamon,

S, in 1944 and it became a market leader in the industry rather fast

Make sure to add a few ice cubes for a perfect drink that is ready in just

Dark rum tends to be too rich in terms of flavor and it takes over the Coke

However, trying both white rum and dark rum with Coke could be the best way for you

Both white rum and dark rum can surprise you in terms of flavor and they can go

As long as you know what to expect, you will not be disappointed too much

Remember that dark rum can come with different spices that have a significant impact on its taste

Also, white rum is milder in flavor so, if you are not familiar with the taste of