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Whiskey Reviews: Sapling Whiskeys – The Whiskey Wash

Editor’s Note: These whiskeys were provided to us as review samples by Saxtons River Distillery

The Sapling line is Stromberg’s ode to maple syrup and flavorful liquors

The line includes a maple liqueur (not reviewed), maple bourbon, honey bourbon, double barrel maple bourbon, and

The 100% Grade A maple syrup and honey used in these products are all sourced locally from Vermont

Appearance: Ironically enough, the liquid is clear honey-colored

The vanilla and orange notes from the nose follow into the taste as well

The maple flavor comes through strongly and complements the oaky vanilla spice of the bourbon

Nose: The nose is lighter than the Double Barrel Maple Bourbon

It is hard to pick out any notes from the whiskey itself as the maple is so

Palate: Similar to the Maple Bourbon, the maple syrup is intensely strong and sweet

However, the rye notes of dried grass and peppery spice is easier to distinguish underneath it

Final Thoughts: I was impressed with how well the maple flavor really carries through in these products

These products are fun and fantastic for Vermont and fall themed cocktails