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Whiskey Review: 2022 Woodford Reserve Batch Proof

Editor’s Note: This whiskey was provided to us as a review sample by Woodford Reserve

Founded in 1996, Woodford Reserve out of Lexington, Kentucky, is described as a neo-classical distillery building a brand

I do not fully appreciate what that means; however, when visiting the distillery, I found it to

Woodford Reserve uses heat-cycled warehouses to help manipulate the maturation process while accelerating the overall development of

Known for their uncomplicated offerings of around nine total products, Woodford Reserve bucks many trends in the

This year, as part of their Master’s Collection, they’ve released a 118

Starting with selected barrels of their standard offering and combining them into one large batch, they release

“Barrels drawn from the first floors of our heat-cycled warehouses routinely possess lower proof presentations due the

If you want to charge an ultra-premium price, there are two trends have become sacred

If you do those two things, you can charge almost whatever you want, and consumers will line

99, over a dollar per proof point, which sits firmly in the ultra-premium category for bourbon

The whiskey itself takes the vanilla and oak iconic to Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon and dials

This year the proof drops nearly 10 full points, which may leave some wondering; is the heat-cycling paying

Owned by Brown-Forman: Woodford Reserve Distilling, Lexington, Kentucky

Appearance: Auburn, thin pairs of legs that move slowly down the glass

The sweetness gives way to deep notes of aged oak, hints of citrus like Meyers lemon, and

Palate: A buttery mouthfeel that tingles the lips and tongue, and the alcohol is wonderfully matured

The finish is a delight; the whiskey is smooth and even as it goes down, warming the

Exhaling revitalizes the flavors that remain on the tongue and entices you with more subtle expressions of