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Vodka Martini Recipes – Great Martini Cocktails

So you’ve got some vodka and you’re thinking a martini sounds good

It turns out you’ve got a lot of options for martini recipes with vodka

It’s is used in so many martini recipes, from chocolate to lemon to garlic infused

It features key lime juice with vanilla vodka, Coco Lopez, Pineapple juice and graham cracker crumbs on

Made with citron vodka and cranberry juice among other tasty ingredients, it's fruity without being too sweet

It features vodka, lemon juice and sugar, along with a touch of orange liqueur

The Nilla Wafer Martini blends the flavors of vanilla and amaretto to taste like the cookie after

It's not as sweet as you might imagine, which makes it a nice drink to enjoy before

It's rich and deep, with a taste like mocha coffee with a shot of raspberry syrup

It's not as sweet as you might think, and the flavors are nicely balanced in this delicious

It blends two berry flavored vodkas with white creme de cacao, so the resulting taste is exactly

The flavor here is almost perfectly pure chocolate, with just a hint of notes from Irish cream

You make it with pomegranate juice and orange liqueur for a refreshingly fruity yet tangy flavor