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Using Vinegar in Cocktails with Jillian Vose of The

Using vinegar in cocktails is an alternate approach to adding acidity to drinks without using citrus or

According to Jillian Vose, master mixologist at the award-winning cocktail bar, The Dead Rabbit, a little vinegar

“Vinegar can be a great addition to your bar cart as it has a longer shelf life

Throughout her years at The Dead Rabbit, the bar was crowned World’s 50 Best Bar and Tales

How are the different ways bartenders incorporate vinegar in cocktails?

If you can make something into a syrup, then it can usually be a great shrub

You can infuse the vinegar with water soluble herbs, spices or produce that have strong flavor characteristics

What are the different types of vinegars bartenders can mix with?

If you desire to have that quality in the drink, then start sparingly and add as needed

For making shrubs containing fruit, I find apple cider vinegar works very well

Red wine vinegar is great for infusions or adding acidity without influencing the texture of the drink

Other than flavor, the other key factors to consider are sweetness or sourness, and texture

For something more on the sour side I’d use something less viscous

Talk to us about collaborating with Carandini, How did this come about?

I was pleasantly surprised when Carandini reached out to work together some months ago

Although I had included cocktails on menus that contained vinegar, it was not a go-to ingredient for

The vinegar needs to be of good quality and fresh and stored correctly

Preparation: Build drink over cracked ice in a medium sized wine glass, top with n/a sparkling

Preparation: In a mixing glass, add liquids and fill with ice

Stir well and strain off ice with a julep strainer into a nick & Nora Glass