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U.S. Drinkers Are Imbibing Earlier Than Before Covid

The report, powered by Untappd for Business data, states that drinkers indicate afternoon to early evening as

As this data from the Covid behavior study depends entirely on app users’ check-ins, it isn’t

However, it may still provide a glimpse into the evolving habits of imbibing adults

While users formerly overwhelmingly enjoyed a drink during the 7 p

, with each hour displaying a significant increase of check-ins

During strict lockdowns in spring 2020, Untappd recorded check-ins occurring later in the evening compared to 2019 data

By 2021, consumption during those times dropped by nearly seven percent, year-over-year

Next Glass CEO Trace Smith provides some possible context for these results

One last nugget of insight in the report? Pumpkin spice season is creeping earlier and earlier, with