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Two Souls Spirits Joins The Independent American Craft Whiskey

Lost Lantern, since launching its first bottlings in late 2020, has established itself as one of the earlier

“Our Fall 2022 release showcases the exceptional quality of bourbon and rye being distilled in the Midwest

These are fully mature, distinctive whiskeys that wholly reflect the land, grains, and people of their region

Two Souls Spirits is a new American whiskey independent bottler focused on craft whiskeys

The idea of the independent American whiskey bottler follows in the spirit of a Scottish model of

Craft spirits are heads and tails above where they were just 4 or 5 years ago

These products are every bit as good, and often better, than those coming from the biggest producers

We want people to know that, and to experience it themselves

Yahara Bay Distillers 8-year-old Straight Wisconsin Rye Whiskey