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Truly Announces Real Fruit Hard Seltzers With Fruit Fly

Truly Hard Seltzer loyalists, rejoice! The brand’s leading flavors will now feature real fruit in its

The reformulated Citrus, Berry, and Tropical packs join the brand’s Lemonade, Tea, Punch, and Margarita offerings,

As part of the new rollout, Truly launched a somewhat wacky commercial

For a 30-second video slot, the seltzer company employed a “professional fruit fly wrangler” to generate buzz

So we said: let’s prove it!,” Jeff Goodby, co-chairman and partner of marketing agency Goodby, Silverstein &

22, the company also launched a 15-second television commercial that included beats from TikTok-favorite rapper Qveen Herby and

The latest formula optimization initiative follows a previous recipe change in 2019

While Truly has enjoyed red-hot popularity throughout hard seltzer’s heyday, it seems the Boston Beer’s

The downward trend in sales could hint at the motivation behind the reformulation and accompanying marketing campaign,

Will this change in taste result help Truly fly to new sales heights? Only time will tell