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The Top Tequila Trends to Watch for in 2020

Last year was a busy time in the tequila world, and we expect the frenzy to keep

After hitting $30 pesos/kilo at the end of 2019, agave prices have finally started to come down

Based on our survey of agave buyers and sellers, we show that the average market price of

The crisis has been bad for the industry for more than just the bottom line

Assuming we don’t have a devastatingly cold winter, the downward pricing trend should continue, and life

We added 181 new brands to our database in 2019, and we know of quite a few that are

We’re not sure exactly why this is–-perhaps these new players are high on the possibility

Of course, Clooney is a big name with big reach, so these new brands are facing a

His tequila is scheduled for a public launch in March, and it’s being made at Productos

(The diffuser as a tool isn’t in itself bad–-like anything, it depends on how you

) But when a diffuser is used in this way, the tequilas they produced scored the lowest on

Click to enlarge these charts, which show the average scores based on production type from all of

“So, the way to demonstrate it in a simpler or clearer way is by making changes in

Cascahuín now showcases its tahona juice in the highly-rated Cascahuín Tahona Blanco product, which is 100%

Rosales believes the tahona process gives it more intense agave flavors and aromas, as well as mineral

And over at Arette, one of their autoclaves was removed so that they could install a brick

“We wanted to see how big of a difference a brick oven would have compared to an

Tres Agaves, a tequila brand that has been in the market for a decade, is in the

We’ve received reports that distilleries Tres Mujeres (NOM 1466); Cava de Oro (NOM 1477), and Don Valente (NOM 1450)

Although agave prices are coming down from their peak of about 30 pesos a kilo in the second

As the price of blue agave has mounted, some tequila brands have started playing with different types

In 2017, Calle 23 released its “Criollo” – a higher proof tequila using a more squat (with a higher sugar

This is still technically a blue agave, but renders more intense floral, earthy, and minty aromas and

In 2018, Caballito Cerrero released an Angustifolia “Chato” agave spirit, to much praise by tequila aficionados

High agave prices are having another interesting result — some agaveros, who are loaded with profit right now,

Their logic: When agave prices drop, they’ll be able to switch gears and cover expenses by

And Carlos Camarena, master distiller of El Tesoro de Don Felipe and Tequila Ocho, is building his

Under the current plan, upon completion Tequila Ocho will be produced at this new distillery

Diageo, the new owners of Casamigos, built a giant distillery directly (NOM 1609) across the street from Patró

The high price of agave has not slowed the rate of new brands entering the market, and

We added an average of 15 new tequila brands to our database each month in 2019

We are contacted several times each week by people in the process of starting a new brand,

There is plenty of room for both of these segments to grow in the years to come

So, that’s what we see on the forefront of tequila – what are your thoughts? Salud, and