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The Secrets to Creating Award-Winning Cocktails with Jeff Savage

And as all artists have different ways of going about their craft, mixologists also have unique approaches

Most recently, The World’s 50 Best named Botanist Bar on their 2021 50 Best Discovery list

Chilled chats with the concoction master, peering into the intricacies of his creative process

Perhaps it’s my academic background, but when I craft cocktails, I like to think of them

For example, if I want to make a spicy mezcal cocktail, perhaps I use something like yuzu

To me, this gives a good framework when figuring out a drink and helps me pair down

I think this is often something that goes by the wayside, but really does separate an acceptable

Perhaps you need to adjust what sweetener you’re using, or fine strain the ingredient you’ve

I want to know about what the bartender is interested in outside of the bar

I think people will see when they taste my drinks at Botanist a slice of who I

Don’t shy away from who you are, it’s a part of what will keep people

It’s important to be cognizant of the ingredients you’re building your cocktail with as well