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The Nightcap: 23 September – Master of Malt Blog

The idea of autumn is very compelling with its amber tones and thoughts of being curled inside

So here’s the latest, seasoned with good old-fashioned British rain

Sticking with whisky, those crazy cats at Smokehead got their knuckles rapped by the Advertising Standards Agency

  We haven’t had time to get to grips with it properly but in Britain, we have

Meanwhile, those pesky EU bureaucrats are at it again according to Wine Searcher , with a plan to

And finally over on Spirits Beacon we were very tempted by a cocktail book round-up especially Alice

On our own blog, meanwhile, we marked Negroni Week by whipping up the classic cocktail and launching

Glenmorangie has made a very interesting new whisky , its first made with barley kilned with botanicals

In order to allow the spirit’s flavours to shine, he aged the whisky in bourbon casks

Another new whisky to report on is The Last Drop Distillers ’ second Signature Blend, which is no

It’s called Release No 28: The Last Drop Signature Blend of Kentucky Straight Whiskeys

“As a master blender, I wholeheartedly believe that one can take individual components that are already exceptional

However, when you combine it with other instruments in an orchestra you create a symphony – a masterpiece

” We were fortunate to try a drop earlier this year and agree wholeheartedly with his musical metaphor

Our last new release of the week comes from GlenAllachie , with the launch of a four-year-old peated

The bottle marks the conclusion of the distillery’s The Past, The Present & Future Series, created

“It’s beyond exciting to release our very own whisky distilled since we took over this hidden

The response will unquestionably influence where we take things next

This one concerns Rampur Indian single malt whisky , which is launching a new Jugalbandi series of eight

The range will make its debut at WhiskyLive in Paris this weekend with Rampur Jugalbandi #1 and Rampur

Jugalbandi translates to “entwined twins”, and refers to a duet of two solo musicians and instruments that

Alright, I’m going to stop lying about how many whisky releases there as this week

Douglas Laing , in particular, has gone crazy for the upcoming seasons, releasing spirits from across its Campbeltown ,

” There’s also Big Peat Christmas Edition and Scallywag Winter Edition

The Speysider was matured exclusively in a combination of oloroso and Pedro Ximinéz sherry butts, selected

Traditionally workers in vine-growing regions have been paid to pick grapes but one Kentish vineyard has turned

Back in March, Eden Mill Distillery , trading as Ramsay’s Gin, posted on Instagram and Facebook promoting

Claims such as them having “more antioxidants than blueberries, more potassium than bananas, and more vitamin C

The company also said it had not previously distilled with honeyberries and, excited by the opportunity to

And raised awareness that there’s such thing as a honeyberry

It’s also not really anything to do with chef Ramsey, and yet it’s his name