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The History of the Snowball Cocktail

Every year we have dreams of a white Christmas, but unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that

We might not be able to throw snowballs, but we can certainly drink them! As you might

Made of Advocaat, lemonade and lime juice, it should obviously be shaken with ice and served in

You might want to pop on another layer of clothing to enjoy this one!

Advocaat is a Dutch egg yolk-based liqueur that is so named for its ability to lubricate the

The original Snowball recipe was created in the 1940s in Britain, although the details are scarce

It actually contained brandy, which helped to cut through the incredibly sweet taste of the other ingredients

However, the drink didn’t become very popular until the 1970s, when people started to leave out

Since it is just egg and lemonade in its simplest form, it can easily be reimagined in

Of course, if you add brandy, it takes on a new personality that is more likely to

If you want to get experimental with your choice of festive drinks, a Christmas Snowball is the

Swap lemonade for Babycham and lime juice for ginger syrup and you get a whole new take

Basically, as long as your drink contains Advocaat, you can claim it is a snowball of some