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The History of the Pornstar Martini

In 2018, the Pornstar Martini was named as the UK’s favourite cocktail, cementing its place on cocktail

There is a certain amount of theatre that comes from the ordering of a Pornstar Martini

It requires all the usual cocktail tricks, using a shaker and strainer to create a smooth experience,

This can be added to the drink or downed prior to the cocktail, depending on your preference

In 1999, Douglas Ankrah was walking to work on a warm summer’s morning and had an idea

When he got to work he was able to play with the measures and the Maverick Martini

This delicious combination of passion fruits, vanilla vodka, Passoa, lime juice, sugar and Prosecco was an immediate

Ankrah chose to give his creation a new moniker: the Pornstar Martini, because he felt that it

Unfortunately for the cocktail world, Douglas Ankrah peacefully passed away in August, at the age of 51

It soon became one of the most popular drinking spots in London

He then created Townhouse, another drinking establishment that quickly became a success

Ankrah also wrote many cocktail books, keen to help as many people as possible enjoy the bartending