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The History of the Bellini

There is something quite fancy and decadent about the Bellini

Fruity, yet fizzy, it satisfies all the senses, with its pretty pink colour making for an elegant

The famous Harry’s Bar is the location for the creation of the Bellini

The cocktail was dreamt up by Giuseppe Cipriani, owner and founder of the bar, in 1948

The region must have been flush with white peaches that year, because, alongside Prosecco, they are a

The resultant mixture reminded Cipriani of a beautiful sunset painting created by Giovani Bellini, so much so

In 1988, a family in the Prosecco region of Italy decided to bottle the Bellini, adding a few

There are many variations of the Bellini, most of them switching out the peaches in favour of

And, of course, if you prefer a mocktail, you might like a Baby Bellini

The Bellini is a cocktail that inspires creativity – pour two-thirds of a glass of Prosecco and add

Hey presto, you have your very own variation! What will you call it?!