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The History of Tequila

We couldn’t let National Margarita Day (20th February) pass us by without paying homage to the

It might come as no surprise to learn that Tequila was born in Mexico, starting life as

Ancient Aztecs worshipped two different Gods in the name of this milky liquid, which was enjoyed from 1000

When the Spanish invaded in the 1400s, they brought plenty of brandy with them

By the 1600s, a large-scale distillery had been built in Tequila, Jalisco and a trade route had

The Sauza family were the next big commercial Tequila producers, choosing blue agave as their variety of

They were now creating the spirit that we know and love today

Prohibition had an interesting effect on the alcohol industry

Several cocktails were born out of a desire to party, including the Margarita in 1936

This was when the Tequila Daisy was born, translated as Margarita

Since then, the spirit has become a staple in cocktail cupboards around the world, being utilized in

The Mexican government got involved in the tequila hysteria in 1974, declaring that the drink was the property

Anything similar that has been made elsewhere cannot legally call itself Tequila