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The Daiquiri Vs Margarita • A Bar Above

I mean, when you think of relaxing in the heat, both are perhaps the most essential summer

(Although, admittedly, the Margarita is probably a bit more well-known

However, before we get into the celebration of these cocktails, I must address the elephant in the

I recently had a discussion with a fellow bartender friend about cocktails

Many came up, but two in particular stood out the most: the Margarita and the Daiquiri

The only people who suffer are the consumers and the bartenders making them

So how do we make this right? How do we help to change this perspective? Simple: Education

Instead of me droning on and on about where these classic cocktails went wrong, let’s discuss

The Margarita and the Daiquiri are two cocktails of a similar base formula; one could argue they

And yet, they are very different cocktails – particularly because they only share one common ingredient: fresh lime

To give you a better idea, let’s break down the classic version of each

Despite being in the same cocktail family with the same recipe structure, these two iconic cocktails have

But arguably, the main difference between margarita cocktails and daiquiris is that the alcohol types are obviously

Breaking down the structure of a cocktail and understanding the recipe are crucial parts of making good

Good thing we offer a couple of courses designed to do just that!

Before we get into the recipe-making, it’s only fair we dive into a bit of the

There’s a lot of evidence for many different theories, and there are many opinions debating which

In 1953, according to one source, writer Michael Demarest first used the term “Margarita” in the September 17th

Between those two decades comes a myriad of different origin stories including Jose Cuervo ads in the 1940

It didn’t take long for the cocktail to become the go-to cocktail – and for many people,

A sarcastic thanks from bartenders everywhere who abhor these frozen slush drinks!)

So instead, he put together a cocktail with the ingredients he had on hand and served it

Slight family disputes about origin aside, the global rise of the Daiquiri wasn’t as explosive as

It spent much of its early years in Cuba but saw a slow spread around some high-end

Eventually, the Daiquiri would become synonymous with the well-known American writer (and famous daiquiri lover), Ernest Hemingway,

Now let’s get to the fun stuff where we explore several different recipes, starting with classic

Important note: These cocktails are extraordinarily expressive and are best illustrated through quality ingredients – remember fresh and

I recommend using your favorite tequila or rum (not top shelf but decent quality) rather than the

One of my favorite recipes that still uses simple ingredients, the modern spin on an “authentic margarita”

Strain out into a rocks glass (or classic Margarita glass if you feel so inclined) with a

Here’s a more traditional margarita, without additional sweetener– a perfect drink as is, in my opinion

DIRECTIONS: Build all the ingredients into your cocktail shaker with ice, and give it a good shake

DIRECTIONS: Add the jalapeños to the shaker tin and muddle them to chunks

Double-strain out into a salted rim rocks glass with fresh ice

Featuring a more tropical, aged flavor because of the reposado, this awesome margarita may just be your

DIRECTIONS: Build all the ingredients into your shaker tin, add ice, and give it a good shake

Once it’s to your liking, strain out all the chunks and pulp

DIRECTIONS: Mash up the pineapple into a fine pulp, then add the hot water, and stir

Let sit for about 10-15 minutes, and then strain out water – a coffee filter works best for

Mix the pineapple water and agave together, stirring until water and agave meld together

Refreshing and easy to make, you can’t go wrong with a traditional Daiquiri

Named after the writer who helped make the daiquiri popular, this version includes fresh juice and more

DIRECTIONS: Build the cocktail into your shaker tin, add ice, and give a good shake for about 10

This egg white sour recipe may not be for everyone, but I urge you to try it

DIRECTIONS: Build all the ingredients into your shaker tin, and dry shake (without ice) for 10 secs

DIRECTIONS: Build cocktail into your cocktail shaker, add ice, and give a good shake for about 10-15

Though they follow a similar formula and even have the same base structure, you can see that

Each of them brings such a unique flavor profile while sharing a common refreshing quality reminiscent of

I strongly encourage you all to try the classic recipes and understand why these cocktails have their

But please give the originals a try, and you’ll see why a bartender’s heart sinks

So which type of cocktail is your top choice? Leave us a comment, or head over to

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