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The Cool New Ice Trend In London

I was searching for some information on Wenham Lake Ice and stumbled across this article in The

In such an unprecedentedly hot season as the present, the British public slowly but surely wakes up

The hardest English winter, moreover, though it might fill private ice-houses and the ice-wells of our dealers,

of ice), and thus cools or freezes more rapidly than the hard, smooth blocks of foreign ice;

The process of ice-ploughing and storing need not be described

, are stored, waiting for the opening of the navigation and the demands of heated London

By sailing ship and steamer, sometimes in advance of the demand, sometimes in answer to a hurried

Stevenson, whose trade thirty years ago was but 300 tons annually, and now reaches 600 tons per week; next

Stevenson ; the wells consist of enclosed brick chambers of 50 cubic feet, with double doors, in thick double

The cold, dark atmosphere, with the sfeam rising from the icy floor, might suggest a dream of

Near the principal wells in Cambridge Street, Hackney Road, are others of an older construction, built underground,

Above the roof of the wells is a loft with open sides, for storing and drying sawdust,

Stevenson, Leftwich, Gatti, Kent, the Wenhan Lake Company, or Messrs

We will not attempt to enlarge upon the different varieties of ice pudding, dessert ices, etc

Next to their richness and flavour, the great secret of their preparation lies in the care with

Most machines for this purpose are constructed on the rotary principle

carbonate of soda, and pint of water; or a more intense freezing mixture, with 2 lbs

A gastronomic process may also be made against the somewhat senseless fashion of following up iced pudding

Far better to keep the ices for the drawing-room, for both the digestion of the dinner and

Gatti reminds us that the enjoyment of ices is now by no means a luxury confined to

; his ices, of one colour, were composed of eggs, milk, arrowroot and sugar, and he could sell 5

! At all events they were innocuous, which is more than we can say of all cheap popular

We hope it will not be deemed an impertinence to suggest to the reader that wine is

If the wine be bad, especially " sparkling," ice it well by all means, and drink it while

It is to bB remembered that it is needful to wrap a wet cloth round the bottle

Norway, not content with supplying ice, has recently sent over very cheap refrigerators, which certainly seem adapted

The danger, so often incurred, of the various meats, fruits, etc

, being contaminated by any ill-odour, or even by the closeness of the vessel, is admirably obviated by

We would not advise the possessors to use this water for their matutinal tub, however grateful the

We can only briefly touch on the use of ice as a hygienic agent

Gatti’s ice stores, on production of a medical certificate

For hemorrhage and irritability of the stomach, ice is largely used as a remedial agent