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Midori and Malibu are poised for a comeback while vinyl-spinning DJs are must-haves for any new bar

Among them are the long overdue breakout moment for eau de vie, a new era for rosé

Here are the 10 trends that will shape how we drink this fall

Just as the Espresso Martini went from infamy to ubiquity, the coming months will see nostalgia for

“We’re in the post-ironic era, and I can’t wait to see these formerly maligned modifiers

She points to Rocket Queen , a LiveWire canned cocktail developed with bartender Erin Hayes, as an exemplary

The category’s growth also presents new opportunities for bars, says Gin & Luck beverage director Tyson

Following a similar trajectory as craft beer, which saw the flavor spectrum skew increasingly sweet with the

The most cited trend among those surveyed was the evolution and expansion of nonalcoholic spirits and cocktails

Writer and editor Jon Bonné says, simply: “Orange wine > rosé

” Sligh also sees us approaching Peak Orange, with “the same fever pitch of demand that Rosé All

” Ideally, the growth means more education around the wine style and what he calls “the rainbow of

The rise of Martini Madness, however, may be just what the spirit needs

As reported earlier this year, there’s something fishy about the Martini

But expect to see the trend reach new depths as the extra-dirty Martini takes an ultra-umami turn

As Bonné predicts, “ Bonnie’s MSG Martini and Bar Moruno’s Salmon Martini will be ripped off

And in garnishes too, says Newman, expect to see “caviar bumps with everything

At these establishments, good drinks are a given, and what sets them apart is their focus on

“I love seeing bars serving quality drinks with a dance club vibe,” says Jenny Eagleton, sommelier at

She points to Slug Bar in Oakland as another example, noting, “I think we’ll start to

” Hopefully, he says, wine lists will reevaluate their one-page rosé lists, where all pink wines are typically

As new brands enter the market seemingly every week and from every corner of the globe, the

And with this rapid expansion comes the emergence of discernable regional differences in flavor and style

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the growing crop of West Coast American gins