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The Best New Bars to Visit This Fall

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the list that follows reflects a drinking landscape drastically altered by the events of the

King Leroy, Seattle Milady’s, New York City Sundown, Boston

But this year, perhaps as a result of a pandemic-induced back-to-basics mentality, expect to see many more

The Let’s Go Disco and Cocktail Club , Los Angeles Discolo, New York City Midnight Cafe, New

outpost, Griffiths has created a menu of technique-driven twists on aperitivo classics and house originals

Within the last few years, the traditional wine bar has been replaced by the once-rebellious, now- ubiquitous

In short order, a new template emerged, characterized by a certain aesthetic sameness that signaled, counterintuitively, alternativeness

  Now, a new crop of natural wine bars are breaking the mold by prioritizing a vibe first

Bar Agricole, San Francisco Cellar Door Provisions, Chicago Power House Bar, Los Angeles

But for many beloved institutions, the burden of lockdowns was too great to stay afloat

While some of these bars are gone forever, others are reemerging in new spaces under the same

Chief among these is the new iteration of Bar Agricole, Thad Vogler’s James Beard Award–winning,

The closure has allowed Vogler to reimagine what the space could be without a traditional hierarchical structure

The hotel bar has long since shaken off its reputation as a subpar, last-resort option for cocktails

Today, it is not enough to simply have a serviceable drink menu

With hotel bars continually dominating the top spots of “best of” lists, it’s imperative that any

Bobby Heugel (Anvil, Better Luck Tomorrow, Tongue-Cut Sparrow) is overseeing the drinks at Hotel Lucine, a forthcoming