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The Best Frozen Margarita Recipe

Despite its obvious similarities with the classic, the frozen Margarita exists on a plane discrete from its

“When I’m drinking a frozen Margarita, all I want is to be outdoors,” says Channing Centeno,

But, counter to its laid-back vibe, mastering the frozen Margarita is not as easy as it might

The biggest hurdle to getting it right lies in accounting for the added dilution that comes with

Others still added flavored syrup, like one made with orange pekoe tea, in an effort to counteract

“You need a lot more sugar for frozen drinks,” explained Centeno, noting that colder temperatures dull the

The best in the bunch, on the other hand, tweaked the ratios to yield a balanced drink

The unanimous first-place winner was the frozen Margarita of Haley Traub, general manager at New York’s

“It’s almost like a cartoon version of a frozen Margarita,” said Evans, who found that it

Third place went to Christine Wiseman, whose recipe ticked all the boxes: sweet, acidic and tequila-forward

Evans deemed it the “most intense flavor-wise” in the group, while Centeno found it to be perfectly “