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Tequila Vs Whiskey: What Is The Difference?

Tequila and whiskey are two drinks that people often get confused about for good reason

However, once the process of production starts, both go separate ways and differ in their taste and

The main way you can tell tequila and whiskey apart is through their flavor

Good tequila is smoother than high-quality whiskey and also has more flavor from the agave plant than

If you are interested in finding more about the differences between the two drinks, continue reading this

As you may have noticed, tequila can only be made using blue agave and differs a lot

The blue agave plant can be used to make whiskey, but there is no compulsion for the

Both tequila and whiskey come from different parts of the blue agave plant

Apart from this, there are many other differences between the two, and the following are some key

It only changes into the warm shade of color we know it as, after the process of

Whiskey, on the other hand, can look different due to its ingredients, distillation process, or its age

Distilled whiskey is also clear, but it changes color according to how much wood container it absorbs

However, the tequila one gets in the market is sweet in taste and is very different from

Many other variations such as honey, citrus, vanilla, caramel, oak, and black pepper exist as well

Whiskey varies in savor and smell according to the source of the spirit

It can be smoky, malty, briny, or a mixture of different flavors if it is a blend

Tequila was first made in Mexico and its history of it can be traced back to as

It is so significant to the place that tequila can only be considered true tequila if it

If you make the same concoction outside of the state, then it will be called ‘mezcal’

Mezcal also has its reputation as an alcoholic drink and some examples of it are Bacanora, Sotol,

The variations of whiskey also differ from place to place according to the grains found around it

The base of both tequila and whiskey is the same – blue agave

While both are produced using the process of distillation and fermentation, tequila uses the blue agave fruit

Tequila is distilled from at least half (50%) of the juices extracted from the agave plant which are

It even takes longer than tequila – around a minimum of 3 years before it can finally be bottled

Not only is it safer to drink than whiskey, being more natural and having more agave, but

These are certain factors that can make a product’s market price shoot up

Hence, tequila is pricier, with its cheaper variants being around $12

Even great quality ones can be obtained with a decent budget of $22 – $35 and premium ones are also

Altering even one step in the production of any sort of alcoholic beverage can affect the taste

Extra Anejo is a special type of tequila variant that is aged for more than at least 3

French and American oaks are the most preferred woods for barrels

You get a unique citrusy taste which also has hints of vanilla, herb, and sometimes cocoa or

It also gets pricier as the quality increases, which is why Anejo is considered a classy drink

Joven is a type of tequila that is basically Blanco blended with other aged tequilas

You can consider it to be just a cocktail blend of different types of tequila

Like Joven, it is more of a cocktail rather than an actual variant

Basically, the bottlings are rare and only one bottle is filled per cask

Single malt whiskey, similar to single cask, comes from the same distillery

Except, you can have many different casks, but all are produced by one single distillery

Blended whiskey is basically a product made by blending different types of whiskies, or when grain spirits,

Tequila is best taken straight without any addition of other drinks or ice

It may be hard on the throat and the tongue, but the flavor will be a unique

Some also use lime to rim the edges of the glass and have a serving

Scotch whiskey is best taken with water on the side while Bourbon tastes best when neat with

Although there is no ‘healthier’ alcohol, because out of moderation, all of them can be harmful, tequila

Tequila has been known to help with problems of digestion and weight loss

Research has also shown that it is good for keeping blood sugar in control

Rye whiskey is said to help deal with inflammation, but there is no scientific research to prove

When consumed moderately, none of the alcoholic drinks will have any effects

At the end of the day, tequila is an alcoholic drink and does not benefit you in

However, tequila does have a reputation for being the healthiest alcohol drink as it contains lesser calories

Though it is more natural, the agave used to make tequila is drained of its nutritional benefits

Even when it comes to alcohol content, tequila takes the lead, being the more undistilled beverage of

Tequila is 80 – 100 proof, which means that the alcohol percentage of the drink is 40 – 50 % ABV

This is way above the normal alcohol capacity of many drinks and can get one intoxicated easily

An average bottle of whiskey is also usually 80 proof and contains around 40 – 50% alcohol

Tequila and whiskey are both extremely flexible and can be used in the making of many cocktails

The generally sweet, sometimes citrusy flavor of tequila is paired well with maple syrup, soda water, lime

With cocktails, it can be used to make ginger ale, margarita, bloody cocktails, and ranch water

When making alcoholic beverages, the flavor goes well with gin, bourbon, vodka, triple sec, and sour mixes

Bottom line is that alcohol, when consumed moderately, can be a delightful treat, but drinking in moderation

We hope that this article has been useful in helping you understand the basic differences between these

Those who like hard drinks will like the burning, strong flavor of whiskey, and those who prefer

However, the difference between both is negligible, hence, tequila might be stronger depending on the brand