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Tales of The Cocktail Survival Guide and Tips (Updated 2022)

original Tales of The Cocktail Survival Guide from 7/16/2018, updated 6/14/2022

Although a cocktail conference seems like all fun and games, there are strategies to get the most

It would be a disservice to call Tales of the Cocktail just a conference, it is so

Bartenders, cocktail enthusiasts, writers, spirits brands, and distillers from all over the world converge on NOLA for

New spirits get launched, tons of spirits get tasted, and with adventures and events and experiences tucked

You are also likely to rub elbows with you some of the cocktail worlds most notable figures

I put together Tales of The Cocktail Survival Guide that hopefully gives you some guidance on making

The main thing to keep in mind: It’s a marathon NOT a sprint!

Be sure to visit and support local owned and black owned restaurants and bring cash to tip

You don’t know what the people you will interact with have been through the past couple

Here are some tips to consider in regards to COVID and conferences: