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Springtime Cocktails Full of Flowers

The lighter evenings and the occasional glimpse of sun (mixed with unexpected showers) is enough to get

This class cocktail has very little to do with aeroplanes and more to do with an appreciation

This pretty pale purple beverage is the perfect drink for spring, thanks to its light and refreshing

Top with a maraschino cherry or an edible violet petal and you have a beautiful cocktail ready

This cocktail is a celebration of these tiny buzzy creatures, made up of lemon juice, gin and

Garnish with a few matching petals and drink up before you distract the bees!

Lillet Blanc brings a botanical blend to this James-Bond-inspired cocktail

This fruity, floral white wine is combined with vodka and gin to make for a potent drink

Another of the super-sleuth’s favourite drinks, the Martini can be reinspired with the addition of rose

We recommend stirring this drink, but Bond preferred it shaken

Mint is one of the easiest plants to grow in the garden, since it spreads like wildflower,

The Mint Julep is a great choice to use up those leaves, mixing with bourbon and icing