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Spindrift is Releasing a Boozy Spiced Apple Cider Seltzer

While consumers are bombarded with countless pumpkin spice drink variations as summer turns to autumn, seltzer giant

The canned drink will be available in the brand’s traditional non-alcoholic format as well as a

The four percent ABV malt beverage delivers the taste of crisp, freshly-picked apples, according to the release

In keeping with Spindrift’s previous products, these two new variations will include real fruit juice

“With a Spindrift twist, we’re giving people a modern alternative to cider — both a non-alcoholic version

Each 12-ounce can contains 97 calories; hard seltzer lovers can locate the nearest cans through the brand’s

The wait will be a bit longer for fans of Spindrift’s non-alcoholic offerings

Spiced Apple Cider Seltzer, sold in 24-packs, won’t be available online until early November

Spindrift enthusiasts — dubbed “Drifters” — can look forward to these new seasonal treats in the autumn months