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Spicy Mezcal Cocktail Recipe – Kitchen Swagger

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My take on the cocktail consists of mezcal, simple syrup, fresh lime juice, and spicy bitters—basically,

Mezcal replaces tequila for a smokey and spicy twist on the classic margarita

It’s a refreshing concoction I frequently indulge in whenever I’m in the mood for mezcal

If you’ve never tried mezcal, it’s like a complex hybrid of tequila and Scotch

Fresh Jalapeno: Add 3-4 (or more) fresh jalapeno slices to your cocktail shaker along with the rest

This method yields solid results assuming the jalapeno is actually spicy

Depending on how spicy you want your cocktail, add more or less jalapeno

I personally enjoy the subtle twang Tobasco adds to a drink however it may not be for

Spicy Bitters (Scrappy’s Firewater): Scrappy’s Firewater tincture adds intense heat with no additional flavor

This is my preferred method because it’s simple and adds super clean heat you won’t

If you’re like me you will fly through these bitters because I like to add a

Mezcal varies just like tequila in terms of flavor profile, sweetness, fruity notes, etc

You’ll typically find one of the below recommendations in my home bar

A spicy mezcal cocktail made with mezcal, simple syrup, fresh lime juice, and spicy bitters—essentially a

Shake vigorously and double strain into a chilled coupe glass