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Someone Ranked Every British Pub by Royal Namesake — And

In England’s history, there have certainly been some well-loved and, well, not-so-acclaimed rulers in the monarchy’

A reddit user on the r/dataisbeautiful subreddit sorted British pubs the rulers they were named after,

As expected, there’s definitely some disparities between the country’s historic rulers

The creator, “spicer2,” states in a comment that they utilized an existing dataset titled “Every Pub in

Queen Victoria is overwhelmingly popular among pub names, as the infographic shares that 222 British locations are named

More than a few sovereigns aren’t shown in the ranking at all

Edward the Elder, Henry II, Edward VIII, and many others simply didn’t make the cut

While the infographic provides an interesting look into British pubs’ namesakes, it isn’t without error

The original user also states that the count includes social club bars, sports clubs, and other venues —