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Sip Mindfully at Suckerpunch

The second COVID-19 restrictions lifted; the in-person experience resumed—moving from “pop-up” to (semi-) permanent status

They play a large part of the foodie scene in Portland: Many businesses that started as pop-ups

The team continues to work out kinks today (kudos to customer comment cards) as they “remain open-minded”

Suckerpunch not only attracts sober-curious guests through artful alc-free options… but recovering ones (that fill 30-percent of

In fact, the experimental space features a cubical center bar for guests to circle and converse for

, including the sessionable ‘Run Wild’ IPA (combining five Northwest hops) and crushable, classic ‘Upside Dawn’ golden ale

As for dealcoholized wine, there is sparkling Töst “tea” and award-winning Joyus who blindly fooled folks

All in all, the sober-conscious charge led by McMillan will drive liquid creativity and overall wellness down