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Rum revival: how the spirit’s second coming happened

Has the year of rum finally happened? Ian Buxton returns to look at the causes behind the

However none I believe it safe to say troubled the compilers of any bestsellers list

Incidentally, rum enthusiasts can now relax because I’m not going to discuss spiced rums but instead

Take for example, the recently released Angostura Zenith from Trinidad & Tobago

Some producers know that the liquids in their ageing warehouses are comparable to liquids in any Scottish

” He adds that there is also “certainly an interest for whisky investors to start investing in rums”

When it comes to the UK, premium rum sales increased by an impressive 18% in 2021 alone, and we’

Industry gurus IWSR forecast that premium spirit sales will grow by more than 20% in Europe, 40% in Africa

Chris Dennis, Appleton rum ambassador confirmed this trend noting that “currently, the UK is the third largest

  She explains that “50% of bartenders globally [are] reporting that their customers are drinking more premium drinks

This represents an evolution in bar-goers behaviour since the start of the pandemic

This is especially true with the rise in the cost of living, we’re much more considered

“Rum has established itself as a fashionable and credible alternative to high-end classics such as Scotch and

Due soon from Zacapa, Ana Mohzo admits to “an exciting, limited edition launch [coming] next month in