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Review: Stellum Black Equinox Blend #1 and Fibonacci Blend #1

It seems like Barrell Craft Spirits just can’t stop making premium blends, no matter how hard

The goal here seemed to be a more consistent and accessible product that still lived up to

” The marketing folks can be forgiven for trying to conform to the whole space theme (Stellum is

Branded Fibonacci Blend, for the famous mathematical sequence (you’ll probably need to look it up), this

It’s a bit punchy at this proof, but there’s enough sweetness and depth to keep

Stellum Black Fibonacci Blend #1 – The nose is surprisingly restrained for the proof

It’s dominated by citrus but not juicy pulp or fragrant zest

This is almost entirely of the dried variety, mild but still fresh

The palate is thick and rich and bolder than the aroma suggests

Spice box, treacle, and cinnamon syrup follow before a generous wood-driven finish of dry oak, clove, and

The standard Stellum rye was my favorite of the pair, and I have to give the edge

Drew Beard is Assistant Editor and Social Media Manager for Drinkhacker