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Review: Sagamore Canned Cocktails – The Whiskey Wash

Editor’s Note: These products were provided to us as a review sample by Sagamore Spirit

Since their 2017 debut, Sagamore Spirit has been vocal about their ambition to write a comeback story for

I was surprised to learn that the 9th smallest state in the Union once produced quantities of

Between the core offerings and “reserve” releases Sagamore’s range is quite broad

Sagamore Spirit Canned Cocktails (image via Jacob Wirt/The Whiskey Wash)

Between drinks, a lengthy finish of dried apricots or fruit leather lingers on the palate

Although the can promises yuzu, I didn’t find it particularly strongly represented, but enjoyed the drink

I could not be more skeptical of whiskey-for-tequila substitutions

The flavors of this drink chart a really nice progression from tart and sweet to rich and

But on the other hand going all in on the flavor profile of the alcohol can throw

It seems like Sagamore’s mixologists have struck a nice balance between these goals

The rye is a discernible presence in both, but it picks its spots and doesn’t take

I’ve had the same experience with canned cocktails enough times that my near-reflexive response to them

I even wondered, with the rising heat of Oregon’s summers bearing down on me, where I

Credit to both Sagamore and CAnE collective on a successful collaboration, these are among the best-tasting ready