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Review: Cascade Moon 15 Year Old Barrel Proof

Editor’s Note: This product was provided to us as a review sample by Cascade Hollow Distillery

When Cascade Hollow Distillery opened in 1878, the neighboring whiskey merchant, George A

Dickel brought along his preference for whiskey that was less harsh on the palate and was “smooth

Chilling, per the distillery, further mellows the resulting spirit

So by now you may have noticed that this review lacks a certain something in its title

As a “barrel proof” grain spirit that underwent the Lincoln County Process and 15 years of aging in

Instead, the Cascade Moon 15 Year Old Barrel Proof is a hair shy of the minimum legal requirement

5% and aged in their single-story rick house (presumably not in Kentucky) for 15 years

In cooler whiskey-making climes, it’s common for the proof of the spirit in the barrel to

In a press release during launch, Austin noted that Cascade Moon 15 Year Barrel Proof “demonstrates the balance

I hope this release helps change the way the category perceives lower proof spirits, while also providing

” Though the low ABV may not have originally been intentional, it does seem a natural fit for

Cascade Moon 15 Year Old Barrel Proof (image via Suzanne Bayard/The Whiskey Wash)

9% ABV, mash bill: at least 51% corn with rye and barley, SRP $124

There’s a rustle of dried fall leaves, a bite of sweet candied apples, and a mug

Underneath the autumnal aromatics, I can detect more fruit-driven notes, such as raspberry Starburst candies, citronella, and

There’s a touch of vanilla and piecrust on the finish, with lush flavors of gooey baked