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Review: 5 Drnxmyth Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

We’re back with more from Drnxmyth, one of my favorite ready-to-drink brands on the market

Twist the two together and you’ve got a cocktail ready for a glass of ice

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Then I realized the problem: The bottom component of the cocktail had solidified and failed to mix

I’d reformulate this one — or at least urge care when mixing with it, allowing it to

Both the mango and passionfruit are on point, with a slug of lime juice and a pinch

Plenty of booze in this, the rum popping with a touch of hogo even

Drnxmyth Strawberry Mojito – A little vanilla helps to temper the blow of mint on this cocktail, though

This is a no-nonsense slurp-it-back offering that’s sweeter than most of the company’s offerings, though

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