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Praline Pecan Pie – The Intoxicologist

I first created the Praline Pecan Pie cocktail in 2010 when I visited the Woodford Reserve Distillery for

If you’d like to read a few takeaways from that tour, including the fun little cocktail

I’m sharing the recipe separate from those posts today as a little update and because July 12

Don’t worry, this cocktail isn’t cloyingly sweet like a slice of sticky, gooey, sweet pecan

It’s a sip of dessert with a full, lush flavor that stays true to Woodford Reserve’

You’ll need a few essentials outside of the bourbon, because good bourbon is a given

I used Martini & Rossi Sweet Vermouth in the original recipe, but think Carpano is a much

You’ll also need a pecan liqueur or pecan syrup at bare minimum

Angostura Aromatic Bitters original formula work best in this cocktail in my opinion

I get a lot of my stemware at resale shops and estate sales, but I like to

I’m particularly fond of coupe glasses for their shape, but also the stem length

I’m a klutz and have knocked over my fair share of glassware through the years

I take a lot of cocktail photos for the companies I work for and the right glass