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No Celebrity Needed: 10 Blanco Tequilas You Should Know About

This is a great time for blanco tequila lovers, with a number of excellent, additive-free choices in

So, we assembled kits of 10 quality blanco tequilas from our additive-free list, and asked 24 Tequila Matchmaker panel

We wanted to see how some of the newer or lesser-known brands would measure up against an

Also, the final results show that most samples were rated relatively high

But these blind scores indicate that its fancy bottle is backed up by quality juice

Another taster commented that they were surprised that “El Mexicano was able to show up strong on

” In fact, several panel members said they would buy a bottle after this experience

The brand gets its name because it’s a collaboration between Felipe and his nephew Pedro Camarena

It’s also unique in that it is the only product from El Pandillo that is using 100%

The master distiller for Yeyo is Sergio Cruz, who is known for many other high quality, additive-free

I really enjoyed this well-made blanco,” said another panel member

As the name would suggest, this tequila is made using the traditional tahona wheel, one of the

The high pricetag on this one really brought down their overall rating

This is another example of the types of excellent additive-free products coming from this family-owned distillery

“This is an everyday sipper for me,” commented one taster

“(It’s a) straightforward blanco, high quality, and has everything I like

” They recently switched to a new distillery with a series of new copper pot stills

(Yes, we tried the new stuff at the distillery, both direct from the still and the final

You won’t be able to identify the new batches by NOM number because they kept the

If it is on or after 17/05/22, then it is from the new distillery

It is made at the same distillery that makes Tierra-Noble tequila, on the outskirts of the town

We were admittedly a bit shocked to see it come in as number seven, and so were

Another added, “The most surprising part of the whole blind taste test were the results and comments

And sometimes mood and what else you’re eating and drinking affect your perceptions

But overall, the panel members enjoyed Siete Leguas’ herbal, citrus, black pepper, and rich cooked agave nose

Tasters praised Arette’s earthy and vegetal nose, minerality, and silky mouthfeel

“(I) really enjoy how balanced and clean this one was on the palate/finish,” one taster commented

When it came to Atanasio, its distinct lactic nose split the group

Although we’ve had less lactic versions of this product before, the fact that the latest bottling

Not all tequilas taste the same! There was great variety in this lineup, and it goes to

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