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Newcomers Trounce Celebrity Tequila Brands in Blind Tasting

In addition, we thought this blind tasting would be a great opportunity to test a couple of

This yielded some compelling results, but first, let’s get into the top-line numbers!

4 points/average This bold and bright tequila was first released last year, amid much praise from aficionados

It’s made at the Cascahuín distillery in Arenal, Jalisco, which is known for its excellent

It clocks in at 42% abv, slightly higher than the others in the lineup

— 85 points/average The second-highest scoring was Los Dos, made at the Vivancos Distillery (NOM 1414) in Arandas, Jalisco

It is one of a stable of noteworthy products crafted by Master Distiller Sergio Cruz, who also

Agaves from Los Altos are cooked in brick ovens, and extraction is via roller mill

This tequila was then rested in stainless steel for 6 months, and then oxygenated before bottling

The extended resting period is also a key component that brings everything together

This is more proof that good things are possible when a producer isn’t in a rush

8 points/average In at a very close third was Inspiro Luna Blanco, a new product that markets

This gives it a smoother profile with faint vanilla barrel notes without having to use additives

In fact, it was produced at NOM 1614 (Tequilera TAP) in Amatitan, Jalisco which is a 100% additive-free distillery

The master distiller is the highly respected Ana María Romero Mena, and the brand is the

Resting a blanco in oak is not a common practice because it requires more time, but Inspiro

The touch of vanilla imparted by the barrels caused some of our raters to wonder if additives

Agaves are cooked in brick ovens and extraction is via a roller mill

Since the Partida family are also agave growers they were able to select mature Tequila Valley-grown agaves

Once again, the scores were very close, with Nueveuno coming in just 0

6 points/average This tequila took the spirits world by storm in 2020, selling a record amount of cases (

It also benefited from a traditional process of brick oven cooking, and distillation in copper pot stills

We haven’t put Teremana in any blind tastings until now, and we were eager to get

The tequila has its own distillery (NOM 1613), which sits on the property of Productos Finos de Agave (

Although Teremana is not (yet) on our Confirmed Additive-Free list, our raters did not suspect it of

9 points/average No tequila has as much celebrity swag as Casamigos, even though founders George Clooney and

It has also been a huge seller, prompting other celebrities to jump into the tequila arena, dreaming

However, this product has not been as much of a hit with the aficionados who use our

Not much is known about the production processes involved in Casamigos

However, the aficionados in our blind tasting overwhelmingly expressed their opinion that this product contained additives

Now let’s look a little deeper, because this is where it gets really interesting

fans the scores are pretty close on each product, except for Casamigos

The lower rating by Aficionados for Casamigos was consistent, whether the taster was male or female

So, perhaps having a cleaner, slightly vanilla profile attracts sippers of all stripes!

Another interesting takeaway was the perception of value (or bang for the buck) among the different groups

The biggest point spread was, again, for Casamigos: Fans rated it an average of 7 out of 10 in

The big-name blancos came out last, while the newcomers won over tasters with their aromas, flavors, and

We sent a follow-up questionnaire to the participants after we closed down the rating period

Several of the tequila fans were surprised that they rated Casamigos high

They mentioned that the overall experience was valuable because it taught them how to sharpen their palate