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New Arrival of the Week: Laphroaig 10 Year Old Cask

We’re very excited to be welcoming Batch #15 of Laphroaig 10 Year Old Cask Strength single malt to

It revels in its difficult flavours with a marketing campaign about how some people are going to

As Nick Ganich from parent company  Edrington UK put it: “The idea that Laphroaig isn’t for

” And don’t forget that it is the whisky of choice for Charles III

But before we get into this special bottling, let’s take a quick look at why Laphroaig

The distillery cold smokes 20 to 25% of its own barley in its on-site maltings

According to David Miles from EBS “You do not see a flame in the Laphroaig kiln,” says

That cold smoking process helps to give Laphroaig its very distinctive flavour and aroma

At Laphroaig, they have six stainless steel washbacks and fermentation is fairly short with dried Mauri yeast

According to former distillery manager John Campbell, the largest still produces: “more cereally/heavier, deeper flavours, whereas

” Famously, Laphroaig has the longest foreshots run, 45 minutes, of any Scotch whisky meaning that much of the

Since the late ‘80s, Laphroaig has been under the same umbrella as Maker’s Mark so has

All this adds up to a fearsomely distinctive whisky with lashings of iodine and bonfire tempered by

Nose: Thick waves of iodine peat smoke followed by candied fruit and toffee

Palate: Rich, earthy, and spicy heaps of clove, cardamom, and chilli