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Mixing Cocktails with Smoke Lab Vodka

We asked Smoke Lab Founder & CEO Varun Jain about this new age, award-winning vodka, including his

Smoke Lab Aniseed earned Bartender recognition in Chilled 100 Spirits Awards with the 2022 Seal of Approval- Talk to

We are thrilled and honored to have earned the coveted Bartender Seal of Approval along with outstanding

The Chilled 100 Awards are judged by a group of the most valued and respected bartenders working in

It showcases one of many distinct flavors of our country and we are very excited to bring

Making SMOKE LAB VODKA is a passion and journey that will continue

We are preparing to launch additional flavors that showcase India’s finest quality ingredients and skilled craftsmanship

   Our first new flavor will be Saffron, a spice that features prominently in Indian cuisine and is