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Mermaid Margarita Cocktail – The Intoxicologist

They even have a day dedicated to celebrating their deliciousness

But it’s hot in the summertime and a refreshing tropical cocktail is always enjoyable

That’s why I created the Mermaid Margarita with the beach in mind

Blue curacao adds the color needed for a beachy feel, and coconut cream and fresh lime represent

I wanted a little more flavor than blanco, without overwhelming the tropical flavors

Heck, if you prefer to exchange the tequila for rum, who am I to judge? I want

I used a commercially available cream of coconut with sugar added to it

If you’re going for something with less sugar added, you can definitely do that, but you’

If you don’t have blue curacao on hand, any color of curacao will do

While blue curacao liqueur isn’t super expensive, blue curacao syrup is alcohol free, so you’re

If you can’t get your hands on any of those options, triple sec or orange liqueur

Place tequila and blue curacao into a rocks glass filled with ice

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