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Meet NYC Chilled 100 Member Nicole Salicetti

Though she saw it as a little kid, she thought bartending was super cool

Nicole currently tends bar at Panorama Room on Roosevelt Island

Honestly it was the movie Cocktail, though I saw it as a little kid, I just thought

Panorama Room and I also do a lot of virtual Cocktail hours for corporate events and some

They may come for the view, but they definitely stay for the cocktails

My husband, Mason Salicetti, has been my biggest inspiration and influence

He has so much passion for the craft and is so talented, watching him meticulously craft a

He never stops striving for anything short of perfection so how could I give any less

Memorizing all the classic cocktails is a great but always be humble and look to work with

How do you go about creating a cocktail? Is there a specific process or simply a moment

I usually sip on the base spirit and wait for any of its particular notes to inspire

Do you have a special technique you use or a tip for making a particular drink? 

I think many non-industry people are taking notice that bartending can absolutely be a serious craft that

Preparation: Shake all ingredients, less soda, spritz and garnish, and strain into highball over tall cube