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Master of Malt tastes… Canadian whisky from Hiram Walker

Today, we’re putting some popular Canadian whiskies from Hiram Walker through their paces including J

According to these figures, Canada produces around 189m litres of whisky a year

Less than the Scots (700m) and the Americans (333m), but far outstripping the Irish (63m)

Canada’s powerhouse is the giant Hiram Walker distillery, see photo in header) in Ontario which is

Unlike in America, every grain, mainly rye and corn but could also be barley and wheat, is

Canadian Club aside, you just don’t see a lot of it over here

Most Canadian whisky stays in North America and goes into blends on either side of the border;

This is made from a classic Canadian blend of rye and corn whiskies

Nose: Aromatic nose, cinnamon, cardamon, chilli with dark chocolate

Really delicious and drinkable, a great introduction to Canadian whisky

Same as above but aged in ex-bourbon barrels for 18 years before bottling at 40% ABV

Nose: Big and spicy, cardamom and floral notes, with toffee and chocolate

Doesn’t quite have the balance of the 10 year old but it’s more complex and under £50 (

I love the big flavours here – this would be great in a Manhattan or mixed with ginger

Like the above but finished in heavily charred American oak barrels and bottled at 48% ABV

Palate: The spice positively crackles on the palate, long, roasty, and minty

With that minty edge, I think it would be superb in a Hanky Panky

A mixture of corn and rye spirits aged in ex-bourbon casks before finishing in rum barrels

Nose: You really get the rum on the nose, masses of molasses here

Just think what a 10 year old bourbon of this quality would cost!