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Master of Malt exclusive: Masthouse Single Malt – Single Cask #137

Copper Rivet is not just one of the most exciting distilleries in England, but in my book,

But Chatham is doing a stellar job of proving doubters wrong, particularly at the stunning historic dockyard

New apartment buildings, restaurants, and hubs of activities are sprouting up all over the place

The family has renovated a massive, derelict nineteenth-century pumphouse, then filled it with distilling equipment designed by

It’s a distillery worth visiting for lots of reasons other than the quality of its whisky

The distillery also uses both pot and column stills, the latter with 40 rectifying plates

Multi-grain mashes, brewing temperature profiling, fermentation disciplines, and mixed-pressure distillations are all employed to create that signature

That means maturation is quite quick but at the cost of a greater angel’s share

Each whisky has its own distinct personality, but there’s a distillery character present throughout

So you can only imagine how excited I was to learn the distillery was releasing a single

This Masthouse single malt began life as Belgravia barley harvested in August 2016 from a 40-acre marsh field (

It was then pot and column distilled in 2018 before being filled into a virgin American white oak

That wood has had no contact with alcohol before, so it’s going to give whatever you

The palate is a little front-heavy and more time in the cask could have mellowed that, but

Nose: Full of candied fruit, with foam banana sweets, Rosey Apples, and pineapple chunks, as well as

Palate: Slick varnished wood appears before toffee, vanilla, a little coffee, and golden syrup temper things and

Finish: Very satisfying, the big cask notes start strong but fade to leave lots of estery fruity