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London Bars Inspired by Children’s Stories

Some stories that we hear as children can capture our imaginations in such a way that they

Some people become so immersed in these adventures, that when they grow up, they create bars to

Here we celebrate some of the best bars in London that are dedicated to children’s stories

This chain of London bars has a whole backstory based on the adventures of Mr Phileas Fogg

Or perhaps you would prefer Mr Fogg’s Residence in Mayfair, which is adorned with treasures collected

Callooh Callay is named after a line in this famous children’s poem and the bar’s

You can enjoy cocktails with weird and wacky names, and, if you visit at the right time

A bar combining the pleasures of food and drink with a little scientific magic, The Cauldron is

The London bar is based in Soho, but this company has expanded and is now located in