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Let’s Talk Sugar and Demerara Syrup

Cocktail recipes often call for Demerara syrup, which many people don’t happen to have handy

In the first picture, the left bottle contains simple syrup made with refined white sugar

The right bottle contains rich (2:1) Demerara syrup made with real Demerara sugar from Guyana

That dark color is from the molasses remaining on the unrefined Demerara sugar crystals

It really pops out in cocktails like an Old Fashioned and various tiki recipes

While you can use them, it’s hard to know how much flavor they’ll have compared

The first one shows the color of a Demerara sugar sourced primarily from Guyana’s sugar factories

This next photo shows the color difference between unrefined sugar made in Louisiana – I’ve been to

To wrap up, do what works for you when it comes to sugar syrups, but the above