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Let It Snow cocktail with Mahina Coco

Winter and the December holidays hold many cozy memories of traditions dishes and flavors

Coconut might not be what immediately comes to mind in the US as a holiday or winter

In the Caribbean and other warm weather tropical locations, coconut is the perfect local ingredient for the

Take for example Coquito from Puerto Rico, it is a nostalgic holiday and winter flavor for people

And the agricole rum base adds a green note to the creamy coconut in this Let It

Rhum Clement Mahina Coco is perfect for adding fresh coconut flavor to summery tropical libations and to

Aged and bottled at Habitation Clément in Le François, Martinique, it’s made by steeping

It gives it a fresh coconut flavor with a subtle, vegetal grassy back bone from the agricole

Used in this equal parts cocktail with coffee, sherry and amaro, it is versatile drink for

Amaro and coffee gives the cocktail weight and bitterness contrasted to the coconut milk and creamy

Sherry adds a touch of nuttiness and grapefruit gives it a small acidic zip

Wherever you live, I am hoping this Let It Snow cocktail brings you a little escape this