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I’ve Been Distilling Some Things

Wine was (probably) first distilled into eau de vie in the practice of trying to make medicines

In preparing for my seminar for Tales of the Cocktail, Secrets of the Earliest Distillation Books, I

I purchased a still online, one like this, though there are a lot of variations

(I bought one with a temperature gauge but don't think that was necessary

In any case I have only been distilling infused waters in it

35 grams wet rose petals in 250ml water in home distiller - earthy green aroma, intense, somewhat rose-y

star anise - so much that next distillation was still tons of oil

green, like almond shells note along with the floral that's not in the aroma of the steam

Dried ginger- not spicy but nice and perfume, ginger flavor but not ginger spice and bite

Strawberries- smell amazing,  tastes ambrosial,  subtle though, great next day - like Strawberry Starburst

Lime juice only - weird, perfumy, I would guess artificial if I didn't know, not that powdery

And obviously if distilled lime juice were the answer someone would have done it

Lime peels only - lime lime essential oil but a touch more cooked