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Is This Why 151 Rums Were Created?

Among those who devote too many hours prying out rum’s history from dusty archives, a set

If only one or two 151-proof rums were on the market, this question would be of little

But after Hudson’s Bay 151 came out circa 1934, 151-proof rums spread rapidly to other brands, most notably

And while Bacardi stopped making their 151 several years ago, there are still many different 151-proof rums on

A few writer/historians with notable credentials have put their shoulder into determining why exactly 151 was chosen,

While recently procrastinating from doing “real work,” I found myself revisiting Google Books searches I’d previously

’s 1951 book, The South American Gentleman’s Companion, this passage brought me to high alert:

This isn’t to say that Baker’s assessment is undeniably true

To be fair, Wayne Curtis quoted Stephen Remsberg with this possible explanation in a 2017 PUNCH article on

However, it is Baker’s 1951 book that gives citable gravitas to what Remsburg referred to as a

Also, while Remsburg’s quote references the Arctic Circle, Baker’s text specifically refers to Hudson Bay,

As you’ll recall from above, the first 151 rum was sold by Hudson’s Bay Company

There may be other reasons, and more contemporary data points would be helpful