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How to Use Tomatoes in the Martini

While so many cocktails can be shaken or stirred year round, the tomato drink defies permanence

For example, Leyenda bartender Leanne Favre’s New Crush introduces tomato into the Spanish Vermut & Tonic

The technique adds savory depth to the two-part drink, with the vegetal note echoed in a cucumber

The sweetener, however, can be used to add seasonal, savory intrigue to any drink that calls on

( Solanum is the name of tomatoes’ botanical extended family

For an at-home version, Le Blanche says you could heat the Campari to around 158°F before adding

While the jam infusion method brings out the sweetness in tomatoes, others turn to its earthy flavor,

Made in France by a biodynamic winemaker using macerated tomatoes, 72 Tomatoes is the focus of the House

Outside of a Martini, he says, the liqueur could work well in a Margarita, subbed for Curaç

In a bartending world where flavors are often panseasonal, the fleeting nature of Tomato Drink Season is

Of his tomato water Martini, the editor Dan Saltzstein wrote on Twitter , “I wait for it every