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How to Use Gochujang in Cocktails

Simultaneously, the thirst for spicy drinks has expanded well beyond the spicy Margarita

Jeong’s aptly named Gochujang cocktail features the paste in a simple gochujang syrup, made by combining

The sweetener provides a shortcut to layered spice; unlike a chile pepper–infused syrup, which requires time

With the syrup on hand, it’s a sweet and smoky tool that can balance the acid

Outside of a syrup, Park says infusing a spirit like gin with gochujang could yield an easy

“Because gochujang is smoky, savory and sweet, it can be a very versatile component in a variety

Sass uses the paste in his Rubber Soul cocktail, an extra-smoky Penicillin riff made with gochujang-honey syrup,

Rather than blending the paste into simple syrup, the riff calls on honey, which adds an additional “

Parker Luthman, of The Eddy in Providence, Rhode Island, also calls on a honey-gochujang syrup in his